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Caring for your wooden mailbox, birdhouse or bird feeder

Outdoor wooden items need care in order to extend their life and keep them beautiful. Below are some helpful hints. 

 - Inspect your items regularly for wear.

- Apply fresh coats of sealant regularly. The frequency will depend on the item and your local climate.

- Chose a sealant that works for you and your item. There are many excellent products on the market that have different levels of gloss and protection. We have had excellent results with a marine varnish - especially on our cedar products!

- Be sure to ensure areas where water may collect are protected fully.

- Gently wash your item if dirt or salt collects on it. We do not recommend power washing any of our items.

For our animal mailboxes, pay special attention to the wooden pieces.  We also recommend  applying a sealant to the metal portion to protect the hand-painted metal. Typically a spray on sealant works well on the metal.

For our cedar mailbox we love the Rust Oleum Marine Star Varnish!

There are many other reference sites available on the web regarding caring for outdoor items.

Note: If you are looking for low maintenance you may prefer a poly item rather than wood