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  • Wood Duck Nesting Box Added to our Collection!

    We are excited to have a handmade duck nesting box added to our collection!
  • Optimum Hole Sizes for Common Birdhouse Nesting Species

    Birds have their own minds and don't always follow the rules!  But below is a general guide that might be helpful.  The birds in our yard seem to c...
  • New Item!

    This mailbox is one of our more popular items and we excited that we now have it available with a black painted roof.  We think it is just beautifu...
  • Installing Your Animal Mailbox

    Installation instructions may vary based on the type of post you are using and the effect you prefer.  However, many of our customers do the follow...
  • Adjusting the Latch on Metal Mailboxes

    Many of our mailboxes are built around a metal Gibraltar brand mailbox.  Sometimes in shipment the latch becomes too tight or too loose.  This can easily be adjusted with a pair of plyers.
  • Opening Our Martin House for Cleaning

    The roof to the wooden Martin House with a Cedar Roof can be removed for cleaning. It is secured with four screws. See the photo below to help find...
  • Caring for your wooden mailbox, birdhouse or bird feeder

    Outdoor wooden items need care in order to extend their life and keep them beautiful. Below are some helpful hints.   - Inspect your items regularl...
  • HOW to INSTALL A POST MOUNT MAILBOX - Cedar Log Cabin Mailbox

    This blog post provides mounting instructions for our cedar mailboxes.
  • Scout is part of our team!

    Scout is our golden doodle and he participates in all aspects of running our store. He especially loves when we are taking photos of our inventory....
  • Bird watching or Birding?

    Are you a bird watcher or do you participate in birding. I didn't understand the distinction before reading this article.
  • Ready, Set, Go

    Welcome to our store! We have been working on this concept for several years and it is exciting to see it come to fruition. We hope you find that u...