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Installing Your Animal Mailbox

Installation instructions may vary based on the type of post you are using and the effect you prefer.  However, many of our customers do the following:

1 - Use a post similar to the one in the photo.  (Many of our customers have also used a pedestal style post with success.)

2 - Use 2 or 4 L brackets to attach the box to the post. The "L" used brackets should have 2 holes on each extension of the "L". Use two 1/2:inch screws into the bottom of the box and two 1 inch screws into the mailbox post.

You will likely need a drill and screwdriver to complete your installation. 

Another option is to hire a local installer to install the post and mailbox.  We have met many small business owners over the years who are experts in installing both mailboxes and new mailbox posts.

Contact us with any questions!