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Gourd Birdhouse | Owl | G11
Gourd Birdhouse | Owl | G11

Gourd Birdhouse | Owl | G11

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  • Made from Gourds
  • Hand Painted
  • Ready to Hang from small leather rope
  • Protected with outdoor varnish
  • About 7" by 9" (size will vary slightly)
  • Hole size approx 1.5"
  • Small drainage holes in bottom

A gourd is any of the hard-shelled fruits of certain members of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. Many gourds are cultivated as ornamentals, decorations, or food crops, and some can be dried and used to make decorative or useful objects.

These hand painted and varnished gourds make just lovely birdhouses. They can hang on trees, shepherd hooks or other places in your yard or garden. I think they look just lovely sitting on my patio as well. Small birds will use them for nesting if given the opportunity!

Please note that each one of these is home grown and hand painted so there may be slight variations from the photos.

Please plan on 1-2 weeks for us to prepare this for you but we will strive to get it to you sooner!